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Oticon ConnectlineConnectLine is designed to enable simple connections to the TV, Cell Phone, Landline Phones and improve one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations.




Musician EarplugsThis custom hearing protection product was designed specifically with the musician in mind. The flat attenuation characteristics allow the music to be heard accurately, but at a safer volume, thus reducing volume levels evenly without affecting the overall sound quality. These are a canal style earplug that is virtually unnoticeable. With a choice of either 9, 15, or 25 dB filters, perfect for any musician or music lover. Also can be used for many loud-noise environments such as concerts, night clubs, motorcycling, and other recreational events.




Dual Alarm ClockDual alarm clock with bed shaker. Shake up to wake up!

Proven to be more effective in waking people with hearing loss, children and heavy sleepers than standard alarm clocks.




Other specialty devices available upon request or at office locations.


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We were proud to participate at the NBRPA Legends Fantasy weekend/charity event in April of 2014!

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"The best decision I made for my hearing was switching to Tobias & Battite. Always professional and friendly, I know I'm getting the best care for my hearing loss." ~ Scott | Boston


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