The Lantos 3D Ear Scanner device

Learn How to Make Your Team Successful with The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System

With the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, hearing aid custom ear molds are easier than ever for your team and your patients. With its FDA-cleared membrane-based 3D ear scanning technology, it greatly outperforms existing modern silicone impression procedures.

  1. Share Your “Why”

    Let your entire team know why you decided to obtain your new 3D ear scanner.

  2. Communicate Business Objectives

    If your goal is to increase custom orders or to make scanning the new standard for taking earmold impressions, communicate this clearly.

  3. Prepare Your Scan Station

    Ensure that your space is prepared for scanning with a chair for patients, proximity to power supply, and a dedicated nearby surface for the
    scan system. If a single scanner will be used in multiple rooms, consider a portable cart.

  4. Set Scan Goals

    Encourage scan users to achieve a specific volume and quality of scans within a defined time period.

  5. Distribute Helpful Materials

    Make sure your entire team has access to Lantos best practices and training materials in the Lantos Partner Portal. Consider posting them in a staff-only area of your practice.

  6. Assign a Scan Champ

    Designate one team member to be the scan champ and empower that individual to help teammates meet goals and build confidence using the system.

  7. Make Time for Practice

    Scanning speed typically improves with repetition, particularly while scan users are still becoming familiar with the process. Set aside time for practice scans to accelerate the learning process.

  8. Plan Weekly Check-Ins

    Encourage brief meetings throughout the week for the team to share tips and tricks for successful ear scanning in your specific patient flow and practice.

  9. Extend Appointment Time

    As your team becomes familiar with the scanning process, consider extending appointment times by 10 minutes so people don’t feel rushed. This is
    only recommended during the first few weeks of implementation.

  10. Reward Success

    Reward teammates for reaching scan volume and quality targets. Also reward the team when you hit business targets, such as increasing the number of patients who place custom orders or the number of patients who order multiple custom products.

BONUS TIP: Lantos Is Here to Help!

Anyone who has questions or comments about the Lantos 3D Scanning System is encouraged to connect with the Lantos Support team at any time by emailing [email protected]. We are here to help you succeed!

If you would like to see the Lantos 3D overview video and patient success stories, visit our Lantos 3D Ear Scanning page.

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