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Learn Why Scan Users Will Love The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System

Your patients will love the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. With its FDA-cleared membrane-based 3D ear scanning technology, it makes the process much more enjoyable and convenient than existing modern silicone impression procedures.

  1. Scan Surgical Patients

    Surgical ears? No problem. Our membranebased scanning system eliminates the need to pack surgical cavities.

  2. Capture Deep Ear Canals

    The Lantos membrane sits just millimeters from the eardrum, so you can capture deep ear canals for IICs easily and with no patient discomfort.

  3. See Where You’re Going

    With full visualization into the ear canal, you (and your patients) can see where you are at every step in the ear scanning process.

  4. No More Otoblocks

    Our membrane-based system doesn’t use otoblocks, so no more worries about otoblock insertion or removal.

  5. No Risk of Blowby

    Without the use of silicone, there’s no risk of impression material ending up where it shouldn’t.

  6. Reduce the Need for Wax Removal

    As the membrane inflates with a waterbased solution, it gently pushes aside hair and small amounts of wax. This means no problem scanning ears that contain nonoccluding wax.

  7. Retain the Scan on File

    Did a customer lose a hearing aid? Do they need sleep plugs or swim plugs? With a digital scan on file, orders and re-orders are effortless, with no need for additional patient visits.

  8. One Scan, Endless Options

    Whether you’re planning to prepare a single custom-fit hearing device or the full array of hearing enhancement and protection solutions, a single scan can be used for unlimited orders.

  9. Digital Impression Storage

    Ditch that cabinet of physical impressions that you keep “just in case”!

  10. No More Shipping of Emi

    The digital ear scan gets uploaded electronically for manufacturing, so no more packaging, sorting, or shipping physical earmold impressions.

  11. Speed up Product Turnaround

    By eliminating the need to ship physical earmold impressions, the Lantos System means your patients get their custom-fit products 2-4 days faster.

  12. More Comfortable for Patients

    Not only is the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning more efficient than silicone-based earmold impressions, it is also much more comfortable for patients. In fact, user surveys indicate that more than 9 out of 10 patients prefer ear scanning to EMI.

If you would like to see the Lantos 3D overview video and patient success stories, visit our Lantos 3D Ear Scanning page.

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