Personalized Technology Plays an Important Role in Hearing Health

Earbud use has long been part of musician culture. Also called, “in-ears” or “musician monitors,” the devices let you listen to the audio you want or need to hear while filtering out the sounds you don’t. Most importantly, they help preserve hearing, providing a critical noise-curbing buffer between the performer’s ears and the blaringly loud audio coming from speakers around the concert stage.


But custom earbuds? Though they may deliver a more precise and comfortable fit, they’ve taken a little longer to catch on — especially with the general public. So when business media outlet Fast Company talked with experts including our own Dr. Brian Fligor in 2018 about the benefits of customization and the future prospects of the technology, he offered some salient insights.


“By default, it’s comfortable and stays in place because it fits your ear perfectly,” shared Dr. Fligor, explaining the benefits of individual earmolds typically used in hearing aids. “It creates a natural seal that blocks outside noise. When used with earbuds, you can listen to your content at whatever level you want and not just crank the volume to compete with the noise all around you.”


Even beyond musician applications, custom earbuds or earplugs offer healthy-hearing advantages for:

  • Concertgoing, letting fans enjoy their favorite bands without the ear-splitting decibels
  • Hunting, helping the wearer get the shot while protecting their ears from intense noises
  • Sleeping, shutting out distracting, unwanted sounds for comfortable, uninterrupted rest
  • Swimming, protecting against moisture and helping reduce the risk of ear infection


With professional musicians nearly 4X as likely to develop noise-related hearing loss and having a 57% greater risk of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), protecting one of the most crucial senses can’t be left to chance. At Tobias & Battite, we’re experienced in helping artists perform better by hearing their best. So don’t wait. Learn more and contact our expert team today!


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