Dr. Brian Fligor’s Engaging Conversation on The Dr. Cliff Show

You know Dr. Brian Fligor as more than an audiologist. He has his proverbial tentacles in each and every corner of the audiological world, and has logged the patient success stories and volunteer hours to prove it. In every project he undertakes, he brings not only expertise but also a passion for making a difference — for his patients and for the world at large.

Recently, in a spectacle of educational greatness, Dr. Fligor appeared on The Dr. Cliff Show, a “vlog” (video blog) hosted by the equally renowned Dr. Cliff, Au.D.

In this episode, Dr. Cliff Olson, audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix Arizona, interviews Dr. Brian Fligor, owner of Tobias and Battite Hearing Wellness in Boston & Beverly Massachusetts. Two legends stepped into the ring and left everything on the canvas. The result was nothing short of an audiological dream — a captivating conversation that delved into their career paths, shared interests, and a camaraderie that transcended the professional.


Something For Everyone

There is something for everyone in this vlog. Fligor and Cliff discuss everything from audiologic best practices to Lantos Digital ear scanning (a personal enterprise of Dr. Fligor’s). They explore HearingUp.com — Dr. Cliff’s best practice pro network which connects patients to top-notch local care as well. Regarding best practices and ear scanning, Dr. Fligor said, “That’s part of my values — what’s in the patient’s best interest is that they have devices that are made for THEM, not made for SOMEONE.”

Tinnitus was also a thoroughly discussed topic — Dr. Fligor and Dr. Cliff discussed no less than four different treatment plans for tinnitus, including the new Neuromod Lenire tinnitus treatment. Watch the show


A Life’s Journey Into Audiology

The episode kicked off with Dr. Fligor, the President of Tobias and Battite, discussing his journey into audiology. He shared insights into the twists and turns of his career. He discussed the journey from his native Ohio. Originally signing up for 6 years of medical school to become a family physician, he dropped out on the advice of his brother, an engineer turned lawyer. Dr. Fligor took his brother’s advice and earned an engineering degree, his main engineering project revolving around binaural hearing.


This experience awakened in him memories of his father dealing with tinnitus (likely brought on by the aural hazards that come with serving in the U.S. Navy). It also made clear to him that by playing with rock bands in his teen years, Dr. Fligor had managed to give himself tinnitus, not having the opportunity to learn a lesson from his father’s affliction (more on this in the vlog). At that point, he realized he could make a real difference in the world of audiology.

Fligor’s career then took a left turn out of engineering and into audiology, where he found his true passion. Dr. Fligor explained, “The reality is that I ran screaming from engineering.” He added, “I wanted to find something that really matched better with what my skillset was, and that was audiology.”


From his early education to his days at Harvard Medical School. From the early days of his practice to his groundbreaking work beyond — the audience got a glimpse into the evolution of an audiologist dedicated to pushing boundaries.


Mutual Passions

One striking aspect of the conversation was the discovery of shared interests between Dr. Fligor and Dr. Cliff. Not only were they quoting Spinal Tap and laughing together, but they went beyond their mutual passion for audiology and revealed a common love for running. The two audiologists have even hit the pavement together, exchanging strides and stories. It’s not every day that you see professionals of their caliber bonding over a jog, but this interaction really showcased the human side of these doctors.


As the conversation unfolded, Dr. Fligor seamlessly transitioned to a topic close to his heart—the Progeria Foundation. The Progeria Research Foundation, a cause Dr. Fligor has championed since 2007, aims to combat and raise awareness about Progeria, a rare genetic disease that accelerates the aging process in children. Dr. Fligor’s involvement in the early trials of the first drug to treat Progeria at Boston’s Children’s Hospital marked a pivotal moment in his career. Read Dr. Fligor’s blog on this topic.


Announcing Ambitious Plans

On “The Dr. Cliff Show,” Dr. Fligor explained his ambitious plan for 2024 — running the Boston Marathon to raise funds for the Progeria Research Foundation. The decision to take on this legendary race reflects not only his physical discipline but also the symbolic endurance required in the quest for a cure. Read Dr. Fligor’s blog on this topic.

The Boston Marathon, known as the world’s oldest yearly marathon, is a challenging feat that tests the limits of endurance. Dr. Fligor is not just running for the thrill of it — he’s sprinting towards a future where Progeria is no longer a life sentence but a condition with viable treatments and, ultimately, a cure. The marathon is not just a race — it’s a mission, and everyone is invited to be part of it.

Donate to Dr. Fligor’s Boston Marathon Charity for the Progeria Research Foundation


A Gateway Blog

During this episode of The Dr. Cliff Show, Dr. Fligor’s engaging style, coupled with a wealth of knowledge, promises viewers a deeper understanding of audiology, hearing health, and the various facets of his remarkable career. This post you’re now reading serves as a gateway to Dr. Fligor’s ever-expanding collection of blogs, encouraging you to explore the treasure trove of insights Dr. Fligor has shared over time.


As you navigate through Dr. Fligor’s blogs, you’ll find a wealth of information on hearing aids, advancements in audiometric testing, and his experiences working with diverse patient populations. Each blog is a testament to his commitment to education, awareness, and the pursuit of excellence in audiology.


So head over to the vlog and watch “The Dr. Cliff Show” episode featuring Dr. Brian Fligor. It’s a meeting of two powerhouse audiologists and a deep dive into their world of hearing health insights. This, and all of Dr. Fligor’s blog entries, will educate, entertain, and give you information for better hearing that you won’t find anywhere else. Dive into the entire collection.


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