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Dr. Fligor & The Boston Herald Talk Innovative Tech

Anyone can rock out to their favorite music using earbuds, but not everyone does it safely. Off-the-shelf earbuds with a one-size-fits-all mold may easily fall out of the ears. The potentially poor fit can also allow distracting background sounds into the ear, interfering with the audio experience and making it tempting to turn the volume up higher — a recipe for noise-induced hearing damage.

So what’s a better route for personal listening enjoyment? Quality earbuds customized to your ears. The Boston Herald news outlet talked to our own Dr. Brian Fligor in 2018 about just that. As then-chief audiologist for Lantos Technologies, which developed groundbreaking 3D ear-scanning tech, Dr. Fligor was at the forefront of championing an exciting innovation for better hearing health.

“We know that finger wagging and telling people to turn [the volume] down doesn’t work,” shared Dr. Fligor in the Herald story. “But we’re given one set of ears, and those ears are precious. There’s no cure for noise-induced hearing loss. What works is blocking the outside noise from getting in.”

Indeed, prevention is one of the most important steps in combating noise-related hearing loss. Excess noise can injure the cells and membranes in the inner ear or cochlea, a critical part of the auditory function. Depending on the sound’s loudness or the extent of exposure, hearing loss can be immediate or happen over time. In addition, it’s linked to tinnitus (ringing in the head or ears).

Custom earmolds can make a big difference, providing a fit optimized to help keep excess noise out, facilitate a better audio experience, and curb the temptation to turn up the volume on your ears. With innovative digital ear-mapping, Lantos was able to take customization to a new level with Uvero 3D-printed earbuds that broke new ground in their mid-2010s debut.

As a practice committed to staying atop advances that help us deliver the best patient care, Tobias & Battite was the first clinic in Boston to use the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. Faster and more comfortable than earmold impressions, the 3D scanning and printing approach allows us to develop custom devices and earmolds made to fit you exactly.

You can learn more about the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System on our site. We explain how it works as well as some key benefits. You can even hear directly from patients who’ve experienced the process firsthand, with videos showing how life-changing the exciting technology can be.

Whether you have questions about our custom earmolds or want to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation, we’re here to help with convenient appointments. Contact our expert team today!

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