A teen girl wears headphones while playing guitar

In a surprising turn of events, recent research shows a decline in the prevalence of hearing loss among Americans despite concerns over the pervasive use of headphones and earbuds. One article from the New York Times discusses how researchers have analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey spanning from 1999 to 2012, presenting an uplifting trend in auditory health.

Contrary to expectations, the study found that hearing loss among Americans ages 20 to 69 has seen a reduction, dropping almost two percentage points over the study period. This decline is extremely noteworthy given the simultaneous growth in the population, especially among older folks who are more apt to have hearing problems. Experts like Tobias and Battite’s own Dr. Brian Fligor are quoted in the article as expressing confidence in the findings. They attribute the improvement to a range of factors, such as workplace changes, advancements in health care, and lifestyle changes.

While the study offers an optimistic take, it emphasizes that hearing loss remains a significant concern. It also points out that the decline in hearing impairment mirrors broader health trends internationally, indicating a shift toward healthier aging globally. This trend is something we love to hear at Tobias and Battite, as we also aim to help shepherd our patients and community into that shift toward healthier aging and, specifically, healthier hearing!

Read the entire article HERE: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/15/health/hearing-loss-united-states.html\

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