A woman wears headphones while looking out the window of the city bus

Choosing the Right Equipment Can Go a Long Way in Protecting Your Ears

Who knew wearing headphones in only one ear could contribute to hearing loss? We did, and our own Dr. Brian Fligor, audiologist-in-chief and president of Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness, talked to Consumer Reports about this and much more.

Though headphones can bring the joy of music and other favorite sounds right to your ears, choosing the wrong devices or using them inappropriately can damage your hearing. The consequences can be immediate and permanent, making safe practices crucial.

A business woman wears headphones while on the commuter trainWhat can you do? In the online Consumer Reports article “The Right Types of Headphones to Help Prevent Hearing Loss: How to Choose the Ones That Are Better at Protecting Your Ears,” Dr. Fligor shared some key advice on wearing headphones, including:

  • Select noise-canceling headphones for noisy spaces.
  • Forgo the headphones when alertness — driving, for instance — is critical.
  • Wear headphones on both ears — rather than just one — for better gauging of loudness.
  • Use headphones only up to 90 minutes a day at no more than 80% of maximum volume.


The story even breaks down the physical changes excess noise exposure can cause in the ears. It also explains which types of headphones are considered the safest. So don’t wait — check out the full article now for more tips on selecting hearing-friendly devices and avoiding common pitfalls.

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