A young woman wears earbuds while holding her phone in an urban area

Consumer Reports Checks in With Our Own Dr. Fligor for Advice

Over 1.5 billion people have some level of hearing loss, a number that could rise to almost 2.5 billion by 2025. Today’s cutting-edge hearing aids and cochlear implants, however, make a tremendous difference in triumphing over hearing difficulties.

Even if you don’t use hearing aids, how can you get the most out of your smartphone, headphones, and television audio? Consumer Reports shared some key recommendations and talked with our own Dr. Brian Fligor, audiologist-in-chief and president of Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness, for helpful tips.

One hint: Leverage the accessibility settings on your mobile devices. From live captions and vibrating notifications to audio adjustments, hearing aid connectivity, and more, the various options can take your listening experience to an even more enjoyable — and empowered — level.

The article also includes an important reminder that the various accessories and settings don’t replace appropriately fitted hearing aids prescribed by your licensed audiologist. They can, however, help enhance the way you engage with the world.

Check out the quick article “Hearing Problems? The Right Headphones and Phone and TV Settings Might Help” now. And if you’re wondering about ways to further maximize your hearing aids and accessories — or if it’s been a while since your last hearing exam — contact our team to book an appointment today!