Teenage girl with a yellow coat on social media listening to music using wireless headphones

Society is more aware than ever that children are increasingly glued to their headphones. The need to safeguard their hearing has never been more urgent. An article from the New York Times sheds light on the risks associated with prolonged headphone use. It also offers insights from Tobias & Battite’s very own expert, Dr. Brian Fligor.

The piece underscores that volume alone is not the only culprit — duration also plays a significant role in causing possible damage to children’s ears. With kids now using laptops every day at school, while also using headphones at playtime, the prevalence of prolonged headphone usage has heightened concerns about the long-term impact on children’s hearing.

Dr. Fligor emphasizes the concept of “noise dose,” highlighting the importance of balancing volume and duration to try and lessen the risk of hearing loss, communication difficulties, and upsetting symptoms like ear-ringing and sensitivity. There’s a common belief that children’s headphones capped at 85 decibels (dB) are safe, but experts now caution that this limit may not provide adequate protection due to varied exposure patterns.

Admitting that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, Dr. Fligor recommends a conservative approach, rallying for a safe listening limit of 70 dB for most headphone users. Dr. Fligor emphasizes the importance of regular hearing tests and encourages parents to keep an eye (and an ear) out for any signs of ear-related symptoms. Additionally, using noise-canceling headphones, and incorporating regular listening breaks can contribute to creating safer listening environments for kids.

Ultimately, this article serves as a warning bell for parents and caregivers to prioritize their children’s auditory health, urging them to take proactive steps to minimize the risk associated with constant headphone use. By following advice from experts (like Dr. Brian Fligor) and implementing sound safety practices, parents can ensure that their children enjoy the pleasure of music without compromising their long-term hearing health.

Read the entire article HERE: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/21/parenting/children-headphones-hearing-loss.html

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