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Dr. Fligor’s coauthored paper shows benefits of 3D-scanned earmolds

How loud is life in the music business? You might be surprised to learn that “rock musician” is listed among the 10 loudest jobs in a fascinating online ranking that also includes train operators, airport ground staff, shooting-range employees, and race car drivers. Even classical musicians made the list at number 9.


Regardless of their genre, musicians can encounter high levels of occupational noise, putting their hearing at risk. After all, music audio is often performed or played back at volumes well beyond the 85-decibel danger threshold. Average decibels at concerts, for example, might range from 94 to 110 decibels or even reach 115, depending on estimates.


In a conference paper published through the Audio Engineering Society in 2019, our own Dr. Brian Fligor and coauthor John Grenier discussed an encouraging solution. The report, “The Lantos 3D Scanning System and Computer Aided Design of Musicians Earplugs,” examined the performance of customized plugs created from ear scans and digitally made to acoustic specifications.


What did the team find? With scanned earmolds made to the correct specifications and appropriate ear depth, musicians can enjoy audio integrity without compromising their hearing. Being able to hear key sounds as intended is a critical part of music performance and enjoyment, making quality customized earplugs all the more important.


Custom earmolds have been around for a while, but 3D ear-scanning kicks it up several notches, with digital accuracy, increased patient comfort, and a more efficient process. As chief audiologist years ago for Lantos Technologies, which developed the groundbreaking 3D ear-scanning tech, Dr. Fligor was at the forefront of championing this exciting innovation for better hearing health.


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