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Discover the Dangers of Excess Noise Exposure

“We are prematurely aging our ears.”

These six words, shared by our own Dr. Brian Fligor in a Consumer Reports story, could be just the wake-up call needed for more people to guard their hearing against excess noise. Nearly 13% of young people ages 6 to 19 and 17% of adults 20 to 69 have permanent noise-related hearing damage, per public-health estimates, and the numbers may be growing.

Individual and stylish earplugs for women. Ear plugs - noise protectionThe Consumer Reports article “Protect Your Ears From Noise” offers a critical look at effects of excess noise exposure on ear and hearing health. Even a single incident could cause permanent harm. Often, however, people with hearing damage developed the problem over time from repeated exposure, making it important to understand the risks and take preventive steps.

What’s the best way to look out for your ears? The story shares some timeless advice — such as keeping the volume down, setting aside quiet time, or getting a handle on noise exposure — free apps like the NIOSH Sound Level Meter can help approximate loudness. The informative story even offers a quick how-to video on using foam earplugs.

For a more personalized experience, custom hearing protection can help ensure not only reduced exposure to noise but also a comfortable fit tailored to your ears — all while enjoying a full range of sound. They’re helpful for rockers, riders, hunters, machinists, and everyone in between. Something to consider if you frequently experience loud noise at home, work, or play.

If loud sounds are part of your life, don’t wait. To learn more about protecting your ears — or if it’s been a while since your last hearing checkup — contact the expert team at Tobias & Battite to schedule an appointment today!