NYT’s Wirecutter Gets Advice From Tobias & Battite’s Own Dr. Fligor

Foam earplugs. Silicone earplugs. High-fidelity earplugs. Universal-fit plugs. Earmuffs for infants. Custom-molded plugs. Who knew there were so many choices for protecting your hearing at concerts? We did, so it’s no wonder that the New York Times’ product-review website, Wirecutter, reached out to our own Dr. Brian Fligor for its informative story, “The Best Earplugs for Concerts.”


Hearing loss is on the rise, with prevalence expected to reach close to 2.5 billion people by 2050, per the World Health Organization. One of the biggest culprits? Excess noise exposure. Consider these compelling facts:

  • Excess noise accounts for hearing loss in an estimated 40 million adults ages 20 to 69 in the U.S. alone, with a significant chunk involving exposure at work.
  • Aging is one of the biggest risk factors for hearing loss, but dangerous listening practices may make more than a billion young adults vulnerable to preventable, irreversible loss.


Live music concerts can hit volumes well beyond the 85-decibel danger threshold, reaching at least 94 to 110 decibels, making it critical to protect your hearing. Depending on the volume and extent of exposure, hearing damage from loud noise can be instant or gradual, temporary or irreversible. The most effective solution is prevention.

How can earplugs help? Quality earplugs tamp the loud volumes around you without deadening the thrill of the music. They’re a great way to enjoy your favorite band while helping safeguard your hearing health. And with products often changing, Wirecutter recently updated its post, which includes recommendations for kids, kids at heart, and everyone in between.


We couldn’t agree more with the Wirecutter article’s most important recommendation: “If you’re a professional musician or a frequent concert-goer (sic), we suggest that you go to an audiologist and get custom-made earplugs.” Nothing beats the benefits of custom hearing protection, including advantages such as:

  • Comfort, secure fit made for the contours of your individual ears
  • Venting to avoid reverberation of your own voice inside your ears
  • Replaceable sound filters are available with some models for various levels of protection
  • Accurate frequency response to enjoy the full range of sounds — just at a reduced volume


It can be surprising to discover how effective earplugs can be, shielding your hearing while letting you experience all the sounds you love. To learn more or book a hearing evaluation, contact our expert team today. We’re committed to helping you hear and live your healthy best.


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