Some teenagers talk while wearing headphones and listening to music

Learn Why Young People Are at Risk of Ear Damage — and What to Do

Did you know? More than a billion young adults may be vulnerable to permanent but preventable hearing loss from “unsafe listening practices,” per World Health Organization estimates. It’s a stark statistic shining a light on the need for reduced exposure to harmful levels of noise — whether at home, school, work, or play.

In a report on hearing loss and teens, Consumer Reports talked with our own Dr. Brian Fligor, audiologist-in-chief and president of Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness. Dr. Fligor explained how even a one-time burst of noise can generate irreparable damage. He also offered some practical tips parents can teach their kids, instilling healthy-hearing habits early on.

“Any time you have to shout for someone to understand you, you either need to turn it down, walk away, or use hearing protection,” advised Dr. Fligor, who stressed the importance of noise awareness — whether rocking out at a concert or operating loud machinery in a shop. He also touched on the benefits of maintaining overall health, given that hearing loss can co-occur with diabetes and other conditions.

Check out the article “Hearing Loss in Teens: What You Must Know” and share it with the young adults in your life. Taking care of hearing health — including avoiding dangerous noise levels and scheduling regular checkups with our expert team — helps the whole family stay connected to the moments that matter.

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