Dr. Fligor’s research explores a key question

Hearing aids are one of the most effective treatments for hearing loss, but less than 1 in 5 people who could benefit actually use them. The reasons can vary — from hearing-loss denial or stigma to access, comfort, and myriad other possibilities. But how much do hearing care providers influence usage? Our own Dr. Brian Fligor explored this key question in an eye-opening field study.


In the report, “MarkeTrak VIII: The Impact of the Hearing Healthcare Professional on Hearing Aid User Success,” Dr. Fligor along with over a dozen other industry experts found a correlation between hearing aid fitting processes and patient outcomes. Fitting protocols may be a significant driver in the use of and satisfaction with hearing technology.


What’s the hearing aid fitting process all about? It’s an important part of hearing care designed to help customize hearing technology to an individual patient. After all, hearing loss is as unique as the person experiencing it. Tailoring the device to the person plays a big role in helping the wearer make the most of their hearing solution.


Based on factors such as the patient’s specific hearing levels, listening environments, and lifestyle, the fitting process may involve various steps, including:

  • Programming the device for optimal amplification and sound quality
  • Making sure the hearing technology works exactly as it’s supposed to
  • Ensuring the devices fit appropriately and feel comfortable to the patient
  • Counseling the hearing aid user on successfully adjusting to the devices


At the time of the research report, the study’s authors suggested that fitting protocols weren’t necessarily in step with innovations in hearing devices. A more consistent, comprehensive approach across the industry was potentially in order. And though the report was published back in 2010, it can still help serve as a guide in quality patient care today.


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