A family smiles while wearing headphones

In today’s digital age where toddlers can often be seen sporting headphones, concerns over potential hearing loss among children are increasing. A recent analysis unveils troubling findings — when tested, half of the children’s headphones failed to restrict volume to promised limits, posing potential risks to young ears.

Many parents rely on volume-limiting technology to safeguard their children’s hearing and sometimes purchase specific headphones that promote this feature. Pediatric audiologists warn that such claims may not always be accurate and emphasize that headphone manufacturers may be prioritizing sales over ear health. Any way you slice it, this situation necessitates greater vigilance from consumers.

Despite the prevalence of headphone use among children, safe listening habits remain extremely important. An expert on the matter, Dr. Brian Fligor, whom you may know personally, emphasizes the importance of volume and duration control. He recommends headphones that effectively limit volume and cancel outside noise. Headphones such as the Puro BT2200 are emerging as a top choice for children, offering a marriage of safety features and superior sound quality.

However, even with volume-limiting headphones, parent and teacher supervision is critical. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders emphasizes the need for parents to maintain awareness of their child’s headphone usage, ensuring that they can hear when spoken to, even with headphones on. Additionally, now that laptops are used in most classrooms over grade 4, teachers should keep an eye on usage as well.

Tobias and Battite, local experts in hearing health care, are recommended as the go-to for parents seeking professional guidance on protecting their child’s auditory health. Prioritizing hearing health with a hearing consultation can help parents make informed decisions and ensure their children enjoy music safely for years to come.

Read the entire article HERE: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/health/headphones-hearing-loss-kids.html

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