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Report Published by Our Own Dr. Fligor Addresses Pediatric Ototoxicity

Excess noise exposure, ear infections, aging, and head injuries are all common contributors to hearing loss, but did you know that some medications and chemicals can damage the ears, too? It’s called, “ototoxicity,” with over 200 chemicals and drugs — including prescribed and over-the-counter medications — linked to hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance disorders.


When ototoxicity involves certain cancer treatments or other potentially lifesaving measures, avoiding it can be especially challenging. It can be effectively monitored, however, in partnership between audiologists and non-audiologist providers. Our own Dr. Brian Fligor breaks it all down in the informative report, “Pediatric Ototoxicity: Current Trends and Management.”


In the 2019-released report, published in the journal Seminars in Hearing, Dr. Fligor, audiologist-in-chief and president here at Tobias & Battite, discusses two important elements in addressing medical interventions that may come with ototoxic risks:

  • Ototoxicity grading scales
  • Audiological monitoring protocols


These approaches can respectively help inform clinical dosing decisions and facilitate prompt identification and treatment of any attendant hearing loss or tinnitus. Lifesaving medical therapies can come with some tough decisions. But having protocols in place to mitigate complications, improve overall outcomes, and support a better quality of life can make a big difference.


As Dr. Fligor noted in the informative report:

“Children who require administration of ototoxic medications are among the most ill, and families are often in a fragile state. The audiologist can provide guidance for this extremely important area of the child’s development, and when an adverse event occurs, happily effective treatments are available.”


Are you or a loved one taking potentially ototoxic medication or experiencing hearing difficulty, ringing in the ears, or trouble maintaining your balance? We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and complete hearing and tinnitus care, so don’t wait. Contact us to book your visit today. Our highly trained team is HEAR to help your whole family!

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