Parent-Friendly Book Helps Demystify a Common Challenge

It’s easy to think of hearing loss as just an inevitable part of getting older. It’s neither inevitable, however, nor simply confined to the latter years of life. In fact, nearly 2 out of every 1,000 U.S. babies screened have a hearing loss, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, and over 6,000 infants were found to have a permanent loss.


The diagnosis can seem overwhelming — “What does this mean for my child?” “How can I help them?” “Will this affect their development?” “Can this be cured?” — making it important to feel supported, informed, and empowered to take critical next steps. Our own Dr. Brian Fligor published a book to help accomplish exactly that.

The book, Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss: Whole Family Approaches to Living and Thriving, takes the mystery out of the issue. As a hearing health care expert with extensive experience in pediatric audiology, Dr. Fligor walks readers through every part of the journey, from testing and diagnosis to treatment planning and beyond.
With chapters such as “What Is Hearing Loss? How Did This Happen?”, “Beyond Devices: How Do You Know Interventions Are Working?”, and “Experiences and Practical Advice,” the book takes an equally compassionate and informative approach to discussing the subject. Most importantly, it helps readers and their loved ones understand they’re not alone.


So much can be at stake with childhood hearing loss. From social and emotional development to speech and language skills, academic aptitude, and more, all areas of life can be affected by hearing loss. Fortunately, early intervention with diagnostics and treatment — most hearing loss can be effectively managed — often makes a world of difference.


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