Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes.

We offer powerful hearing aids that connect with everything around you with advanced Bluetooth technology. Request an appointment to let our providers help you determine the right one for your unique lifestyle. From the discreet invisible to the powerful BTE — we have the solution for you!

Considerations for Choosing the Right Style

Cost is affected not by which style you choose but by how advanced the technology is. Smaller isn’t always better! What matters most is matching your hearing aid to your lifestyle and your hearing needs.

Many musicians appreciate hearing aids that fit deep inside the ear canal, because this takes advantage of the natural acoustics of your outer ear. While the size of your ear canal and your specific hearing loss may mean you are not an ideal candidate for deep-fitting hearing aids, if it can be done, our expert clinicians will make it happen.

Invisible hearing aid in ear


Completley in the canal hearing aid in ear


In the canal hearing aid in ear


If you find small buttons to be challenging, you might have the easiest time with a custom-fit hearing device that fits in the outer part of your ear.

In the ear hearing aid

The most popular hearing aid style fits behind your ear and delivers sound through a tube or wire to your ear canal. These are comfortable and have a good quality of sound. It also allows us to use more sophisticated technology, since the size isn’t limited by what can fit inside your ear. Their size also makes bluetooth connectivity a possibility.

Receiver in canal hearing aid in ear


Behind the ear hearing aid in ear


Some hearing aids also offer rechargeable batteries. These are becoming more common, although they are still a new development.

Finding the Right Hearing Aids

It's a team effort, and before we can suggest specific hearing aids to patients, we ask a few questions.

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