Clinically Proven Tinnitus Treatment

Lenire is an evidence-based treatment device proven to soothe tinnitus. Use it from the comfort of home to manage your tinnitus with the help of qualified healthcare professionals.

A woman using the Lenire tinnitus treatment device

How does it work?

The device plays sounds from headphones and provides gentle pulses to the tongue via a Tonguetip. The sounds and pulses work together to retrain your brain. You pay less attention to your tinnitus reducing its impact on your day-to-day life.


What is the device?

Bluetooth headphones, which are provided, deliver customised sounds to activate the auditory nerve to the brain.


The Lenire proven tinnitus treatment device including box, headphones, tonguetip, and controller


The Tonguetip, specifically designed to treat tinnitus, sits comfortably in the closed mouth. Tiny electrodes on the Tonguetip deliver mild and safe energy pulses to the surface of the tip of the tongue.



A lightweight handheld device that controls the timing and intensity of the treatment. You can start, pause and resume the treatment session, adjust the volume of the sound, and adjust the level of the tongue stimulation. The settings are customised by your healthcare professional to suit your tinnitus after an assessment to make sure you’re suitable.


What is the research behind Lenire?

Lenire is the first device of its kind to receive a grant of approval from the FDA to treat tinnitus. This follows a large-scale clinical trial designed to meet the FDA’s requirements during which 83% of patients recommended Lenire for the treatment of tinnitus. The large-scale trial’s results were consistent with real-world evidence from 204 patients*.


How can I get started?

We’re a trained provider of treatment of tinnitus with Lenire. Get in touch today to book an assessment for Lenire.

Ready to reduce the impact of tinnitus on your life?

Lenire is proven to provide relief from tinnitus.

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