Welcome to Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness

New England's Hearing Care Experts for 45 Years
We’re Open With Safe Options to Serve You!

Learn More About Our Safe Options

Welcome to Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness

New England's Hearing Care Experts for 45 Years
We’re Open With Safe Options to Serve You!

Learn More About Our Safe Options

Welcome to Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness

New England’s Hearing Care Experts for 45 Years
We’re Open With Safe Options to Serve You!

Learn More About Our Safe Options

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About Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness

Everyone Deserves to Hear Well

Hearing is how we connect to the world around us. It’s how we keep in touch with friends, spend time with children or grandchildren, listen to the music we love, and enjoy the sounds of everyday life. Whether your hearing loss is new or has been part of your life for a long time, there are solutions to help you keep those all-important connections. At Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness, we’re committed to finding the right answer for you.

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Beverly Audiologist with pediatric patient


New England's Premiere Hearing Healthcare Specialists

We've been treating hearing loss in the Boston area for over 45 years. Our compassionate, personal approach to hearing healthcare is why patients have trusted us with their hearing for generations. That patient loyalty means the world to us.

  • "I have been a customer since 2006 and I am about to purchase my 4th set of hearing aids from the Boston Tobias and Battite location. The customer service is second to none. I have been provided with the options to explore the most-suitable and optimum hearing experience."


  • "I was delighted by how comfortable and fast the Lantos ear canal scan was. This is definitely the best way to get fitted for hearing aids and ear plugs. Professional and friendly staff. Very [easy] access to this office from Park Street station or by parking under Boston Common."


  • "I highly recommend Dr. Fligor and applaud his perseverance to fit me with the right hearing aids and molds, and then optimize the programming for me. For the first time in many years, I can carry a conversation in a noisy restaurant, turn off the closed captions on the television, and stop repeatedly asking, “What did you say?” My quality of life is much improved, and my wife is much happier, too. Thank you, Dr. Fligor."


  • "Great experience getting impressions done for in-ear monitors. Nikki explained it all clearly and my appointment was on time, fast, and resulted in perfect impressions for custom monitors. I am already eyeing a second set of custom monitors. I'll definitely come back to Tobias & Battite."


  • "I have been involved with Tobias & Battite for as long as I can remember. First, my brother's aids were from T&B with the original owners. Personally, I've worked here 3 times now. You will not find better care and support with any hearing loss or earmold monitors."


  • "Because I am a classical concert pianist, I wanted an audiologist who really understands the problems of musicians. Brian Fligor is that person. I am very pleased with his work, and with the fine-tuning we have done. It feels good to be in the hands of a true expert. His willingness to tackle the most complicated challenges is the difference between very good and excellent. He is on the cutting edge of his field. "


  • "Dr. Fligor helped me with custom earpieces for Etymotic headphones. They are so awesome. I listened to a song that I love because it’s packed with instruments and tons of music. I’ve listened to it 100+ times with regular headphones but it’s a whole new ballgame with these. You can pick out every sound. So cool, thanks."


  • "I visited Tobias & Battite because they provide hearing aids. The service we received was outstanding. Camille Catalano is not only a professional but an extraordinary human being. She is caring and goes beyond to provide exceptional service. My mom and I are very grateful to Camille."


  • "I will not go to any other places for my hearing aids to be repaired or otherwise. Excellent service. The people are very friendly and do a good job."


Hearing Evaluation

Diagnostic hearing testing available by licensed audiologists.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Our expert clinicians unlock the potential of these extremely sophisticated devices.

Hearing Aid Repair

The hearing evaluation will help us craft a treatment plan for your hearing loss.

Custom In-Ears, Earplugs, & Headphones

Our expertise is unparalleled! On and off the job, we help you use your ears responsibly.

Tinnitus Therapy

Have you heard "there's nothing we can do, you'll just have to learn to live with it"? That's not true. We can help.

Digital Connection

Modern hearing aids can be elevated further by accessory devices, and sometimes you only need the accessory, not the hearing aids.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know I might have hearing loss?


If you've noticed yourself turning the TV up, asking people to repeat themselves in normal situations (not just in loud rooms), or staying out of conversations because you can't always understand what's being said, it might be time to have your hearing tested. Even if you haven't noticed a difference, we recommend that everyone 50 and older start getting their hearing checked once a year.

Why should I get my hearing tested if it doesn't seem too bad to me?


If there's a question in your mind, it's better to know than not. A hearing test isn't a commitment to purchasing hearing aids; it just means that you're finding out what your situation is so you can make the best decision moving forward. If you do have hearing loss, it's important to take it seriously even if it isn't severe.

Should I bring someone with me to my appointment?


We always recommend that patients bring a friend or family member to their appointments. This helps us get another perspective on your hearing, and it means that you've got someone else who can keep track of what we tell you and how to take care of your hearing devices. Your family is a big part of the process of treating hearing loss.

Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss book cover

Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss (Whole Family Approaches to Childhood Illnesses and Disorders)

Childhood hearing loss is more common than most people assume, and yet this invisible condition can rob a child of the ability to develop close emotional relationships with family and friends. This book demystifies this condition and offers emotionally-supportive approaches to caring for the child and the whole family. It is written from the perspective of a pediatric audiologist who has diagnosed hearing loss in hundreds of newborns and young children, and who has shaped clinical best-practices during his career.

Available for purchase at Boston and Beverly offices, or click here.

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